How to run a dropshipping store that generates $1500 per month

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Michael Gornwell started her business in the summer 2018 and wanted to scale very quickly to at least $1500 per month. However, as it turned out to be, he was selling the wrong products and not those that her customers wanted. Moreover he set the wrong prices.

As he says herself, he did not think that choosing the winning high margin products plays a very important role in the dropship business.

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he didn’t even know how to sell products wisely and make clients buy not only one thing, but even 3 things at the same time.

It seemed to him that all he had to do was to open an online store and lots of people start buying baby sneakers and a massive stream of customers would be willing to pay for the goods. Of course he was mistaken.

he wanted to drop it and return to his daily job, as he started to think the dropshipping isn’t for him, but then he changed his mind and decided to get to the finish.

First of all he ordered a premium package from us and here he realized that the niche that he had chosen was not entirely 100% profitable.

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But step by step we have worked all the main points.

  1. First, we removed all those goods that are not profitable.
  2. Then we tested the goods that have already begun to bring the first profit.
  3. We identified the most 10 top winning products.
  4. We advised him to make a separate web page and sell top winning products separately, plus analyze sales for several criteria

Every week, sales in the store began to bring more and more profits. In October 2018, sales reached an estimated profit of $ 1,500 and continue to grow.

Michael realized it is very important to know how to choose the right top selling products in the dropshipping business. That’s why he decided to start another store selling clothes for women and he already has 45 top products in this store.

make money shopify

Many companies are now chasing cheap products that they could sell very expensive. They also want to find the magic pill that will help them influence the mind of the consumer and make them buy their goods.

You can of course require feedback from your existing buyers and post those testimonials on your website. You can also sit on Facebook all day long and add posts about your products everywhere, but as practice shows, the only sure way to get customers right from the start is to sell those products that people need and bring the biggest profit to the online store owner.

Even those who own online stores for 10 years often get lost in the market and cannot always follow the market trends and changes. It is quite difficult to recognize the various needs of the market for them.

Therefore, they understand that one can lose lots of time in searching for trend winning products, but if they appeal to those who already know the market trends and understand which products to pick up, then the business will always start to grow.

If you really want to receive each month more than 150 top winning products, which are selected by professionals manually, please contact us.

In addition, we select the most reasonable prices for top winning products for which they can be sold in the USA, Canada, Australia and many European countries.

We also provide suppliers where you can buy these products at the lowest prices.

You can spend weeks and even months searching for top winning products using the wrong advice from your friends, or believing that some cool software will help you with this, but in fact many owners of online stores contact us and say that all this did not help them.

Therefore, if you really want to triple your net profit in your online business, then it’s time to choose those products that are guaranteed to bring not $20, but $60 and even $100 of net profit.

We really know how and where to find such top winning products that bring in more profit.

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