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Many companies choose products with a low profit margin and losing money in business…
… and if your business starts to bring less money, you need to start selling high profit margin products.

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Once signed up, our expert will begin to manually select high profit margin products for your business. Products that are selected by our experts bring our customers a profit of 70%-90% which allows them to increase their profits by 4-5 times.

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I was referred to … and it has been the best decision ever! I was having difficulties to find best selling products for my online shop and they found exactly what I needed. Their communication speed is top level. I love their dedication to their work and their clients.

Jessica Fentury
Online Shop Owner

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I have been fortunate to work with the dedicated team of … Within a short period of time, they grasp the vision i had, and executed on it well, leading to the success of my project. Best service at affordable fees in the market. I am very humbled by the service of WebaStar.com

Michael Gornwell

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your service so cheap?
  1.  Our experts are focused on delivering great results and they are also owners of online stores and know how to choose right and the most profitable products.
  2. We have established clear processes (for communication, understanding needs, and actual working processes) that save tremendous amount of time and thus costs.
Can I have an example of a product in high demand (best seller item)?

Yes sure you can! Just scroll down and we will send you some examples. (please buy standard package for only $1)

What do I get as a member of your service?

If you choose a basic plan, you get a list of the most profitable 5-10 products of the current day. Moreover you can download our high margind products’ database which have already 315 top best selling products. If you choose a premium plan, you get a list of items in high demand on different platforms and our team will start choosing products especially for your own online store.

For example:​ You choose a premium plan and want to have 300 products in high demand for your online shop that sell fashion items. We provide access to our database with the most profitable products in the fashion world. Moreover we are starting to deliver more great results by looking for other products that will significantly increase the average sales check of your online store.

Do you use some kind of software for finding the most profitable items?

We use our own software. Moreover our experts select the most suitable products for your online shop manually. We assure you that about 85% of the products in our database will start bringing you from $ 50 profit and even more.
We assure that 20% of products from our database are sold by our clients with a margin of more than $100

Can I get my money back if I do not like the service?

Yes! The beauty of the service that you can cancel anytime you wish to.

I have a huge online store. Can you find 300 best-selling items in high demand for me?

As we said, you get an access to our database with the most profitable products and we can give you a list with such 300 best-selling items within 45 – 120 days just delivering you a list of 20-30 the most profitable products in your niche each day until you have all 300 items there.

I run multiple businesses, so will you be working on all my online stores?

Undoubtedly! We would love to work on your multiple online stores. You can use our services for your multiple online stores to provide them only expensive, but great products and meeting your clients’ needs. All of this can be done in a single premium subscription.

I have a special request and want you to find me some specific products in high demand.

You can contact us via by email and we will discuss it. Scroll down the web page and you will find our email address


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